Install Ansible on Oracle Linux

Install Ansible on Oracle Linux

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The Oracle Linux operating system is engineered to deliver leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security for the enterprise environment, covering SaaS and PaaS workloads as well as traditional enterprise applications. This article shows you the steps to install ansible on Oracle Linux in a simple way.

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool. It runs on Unix-like systems and can configure both Linux as well as Windows.

Why Install ansible?

Ansible allows you to simply claim control of your environment. hence, increase your productivity by automating your IT infrastructure, Application Deployment, and Configuration Management.

  • simple model-driven configuration management.
  • allows multi-node deployment, and remote task execution system.
  • It works over SSH and
  • Ansible is agentless, which means, it does not require additional software or daemons to manage remote nodes.

Steps to install Ansible on Oracle Linux

In recent releases of Oracle Linux, it comes with the Public yum repository file. though. In the following steps, we will enable it.

First, open the public yum repository file.

Then, navigate to the ol7_developer_EPL section to enable it. Just change the value of enabled=0 to 1 then save and exit.

Check if ansible in the repository by executing

install ansible from by executing using YUM package manager


Now, you have Ansible installed. Next,  you configure the servers you will control. therefore, read these articles to have a full-fledged Ansibled controlled environment.