Linux Basics

This course oriented for people who are interested in using Linux as their Operating system.

Interactive courses allow you to know Linux basics and remove the confusion that comes with Operating system change.

What you will learn?

Boring stuff like :

  • Linux Introduction.
  • What makes Linux better. and Why should I start using Linux?
  • What is Linux distribution and What should I choose Ubuntu, Suze, or centOS?

More Interesting subjects like

  • Configure your desktop (Themes, Background, Sound )
  • Install new software.
  • Mounting Storage: Where are my files and how can I access it.
  • Networking


Solution Architect skilled in various IT fields. Has excelled in troubleshooting, tuning Operating systems, databases and CICD cycle to attain optimum performance, safety, and service accessibility. Expertise in various architectures including UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

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